User training programs: “User Training Programs” are conducted by The Library and Documentation Department so that users can get maximum benefit from all the resources that the library has. These training programs, provided by expert librarians, are intended to inform users about the use of databases and library catalogs and other library services. Additionally, upon their request, academicians and students are also provided information services about their project works and during the steps to write their thesis & dissertations.

Trainings are provided;

  • upon request by a member of the faculty and during the class of the member of the faculty, who made the request,
  • within the library depending on whether the request has been made by an individual or a group,
  • as hands-on, in designated classes on the days and at times that are announced within the year.

You can write to or call 444 0 413/4480 to make a request for the provision of trainings to individuals, groups or during the courses.