Books can be checked out from the Borrowing & Circulation Desk of the libraries in Sütlüce and Küçükyalı. Library users can use the “Inter-Campus Loan” tab on the library’s web page to request the book(s) that are available in other libraries to be sent to the library of their choice. Periodicals, reserve publications and reference sources are excluded. Inter-Campus Loan service is free and requests can be made using the online form.

Rules for Borrowing Books
  • Users, excluding Istanbul Commerce (Ticaret) University students, academic and administrative staff members, can use the library and benefit from the Borrowing & Circulation services by paying the deposit and the annual fee.
  • Reference sources, periodicals, newspapers, non-printed theses, dissertations and resources such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, video cassettes, floppy disks may not be borrowed.
  • Members, who delay their payments and/or who have not checked in the books/publications exceeding their due dates cannot check out any new books/publications.
  • Library may require any material that has been borrowed by a reader to be turned in before its due date.
  • If the borrowed material is lost or worn out, it is required to provide the same material and in the event that the exact same material cannot be found, another material of the same value, as determined by the library, will be provided.
  • Yordam 2001 library program records are taken as the reference for all of the borrowing transactions.
  • Members may check-out DVD movies for a maximum duration of 3 days. DVD movies can also be watched in the Sütlüce library in an environment suitable to watch movies.
  • The number of materials that could be borrowed by the users and the respective durations are determined as follows:
Books DVD
Academic Staff 30 Books/ 30 Days 2 DVD / 3 Days
Graduate Students 20 Books/ 30 Days 2 DVD / 3 Days
Undergraduate / Associate Degree Students 10 Books/ 15 Days 2 DVD / 3 Days
Administrative Staff 10 Books/ 15 Days 2 DVD / 3 Days

There is a photocopy place for students in the university. Our library do not provide calculators, photocopy or printing services.

Membership Terms

Istanbul Commerce University students, academic and administrative staff are natural members of the library and may borrow books/publications from the library using their University ID cards. They can activate their membership by filling out and signing the membership form, when they use the library services for the first time.

Passwords for Library Program Login / Member Code

Users can access the “Login” menu through the “Time Extension” tab available on the library’s web page, or through the “Catalog Scan” menu available at .

Academic and Administrative Staff

Member Code: University e-mail username,

Password: your e-mail password


Member Code: firstname.lastname,

Password: Your T.C. (Republic of Turkey) ID number on the first use

Users must change these passwords with their own passwords.

Through the login process, users may:

  • extend the time they can keep the books/publications, which they have borrowed (time extension may be done two days before the due date),
  • reserve the books/publications,
  • view the archive, and
  • submit requests for the books/publications that are not available in the library.
Time Extension Process
  • Members have the right to extend the time they can keep the books/publications they have borrowed, once more at the most.
  • The time to keep the borrowed material, for which extension is desired, has to be extended before the due-date to return the said material (time extension process must be done two days before the due date)
  • Members who have not turned in the books/publications they have borrowed just yet and/or who have still not paid their late return fees may not request a time extension.
  • Time extension may not be requested for the books/publications that are reserved by someone else.
  • Members may submit a time extension request in person at the library, by phone or by e-mail.

Time Extension request may be submitted;

  • to the Borrowing & Circulation departments at the libraries, or
  • through calling the phone number of 444 0 413 and then dialing the extensions of either 4485 or 4487 or 3272, or
  • by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of .
  • Members may also extend the time they can keep the books/publications they have borrowed hemselves through the Renew tab available on the library’s web page.
Late Return Fee
  • Users who have not returned the materials they have borrowed by their respective due dates have to pay a late return fee of 1 TL per each material not turned in, without the need for any further processing, for each day passed since the respective due date until the said material is turned in.
  • In the case of reserve books that are borrowed on hourly basis, a late return fee of 1 TL is charged for per each reserve book that is not returned on time and per each hour after the respective deadline until the borrowed material is returned.
  • Users, for whom late return fee process has been initiated, may not borrow any other material in any way, unless he/she returns the material that he/she has borrowed and unless he/she fully pays the late return fee.
  • Students, who have graduated from İstanbul Commerce University or students, who have dropped out of İstanbul Commerce University for any reason and the employees, who have justifytheir jobs for any reason or the employees, who have retired, will not be officially discharged from the university and the certifications they need will not be provided to them until they are discharged by the library first.